The Ultimate Buying Guide for Watch Winders

In today’s automated era, we all love automatic things, don’t we? They are accurate, they are fast, and they have a cool working mechanism. And automatic watches, oh they are the sweethearts of the watch world! Automatic watches are self-winding watches, or in simpler terms, the mechanism of the automatic watch works by gaining energy from your wrist movement. Sounds pretty cool, right? Automatic watches are sleek, fancy, and they do a fine job in uplifting your watch game. They do, however, have one drawback: you need to wind automatic watches for them to function perfectly.

As the word itself suggests, ‘automatic’ watches are self-winding watches whose major power source is your wrist. Their movement is similar to the ones present in manual watches, the only difference between the two is the winding operation. In automatic watches, the internal mechanisms consist of certain bearings that move in accordance with your wrist movement and store energy by creating tension in the mainspring. This energy then gets used up and thus provides power for the functioning of the watch. Therefore, to have a healthy fully functional watch, you need to keep it wound. But what happens if you take off your watch for a long period of time, say a week or even a month? Will it stop working? Probably it will. So for keeping your automatic watch upkeep and operational, you need to get your hands on a watch winder.

In this article, we will take a comprehensive look at watch winders. We will analyze their working operation and will see how these watch winders can benefit your automatic watch. So let’s dive right in. 

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What is a Watch Winder?

A watch winder is the companion that your automatic watch desperately needs. The source of fuel for powering your automatic watch is your wrist. But let’s face it, you cant keep your wrist moving all the time. Ultimately, you will need to take off your automatic watch, either at night or for a change of taste. So what will keep your automatic watch powered up in the absence of your wrist movement? This is exactly where a watch winder comes in. 

A watch winder is sort of a container that not only stores your automatic watch but also winds it. It keeps your watch winded at all times so whenever the need arises, you won’t have to rush your wrist to operate your watch. The watch winder will keep your watch charged up at all times so your automatic watch always displays accurate time whether you take it out after a week or a month. A watch winder consists of a rotational surface or a turntable that is used to replicate your wrist movement for powering up the automatic watch. Moreover, watch winders also aid in showcasing your automatic watches. Read on below to find out how a watch winder works.

Working of a Watch Winder:

If your precious watch collection consists of one or more automatic watches, then a watch winder is a must-have for you. The working of an automatic watch itself is very fascinating and the same goes for watch winders. Watch winders consist of a rotating surface like a turntable while holding your watch. This turntable slowly rotates and thus winds your automatic watch and charges it. The watch winder helps to keep your automatic watch functional even after months, or years.

Different watch winders have different specifications, but it is always recommended to get a watch winder with the option of scheduled rotations. The scheduled rotations operation enables you to enter the period of time till which you wish to store your watch in the watch winder. For that specific time, the turntable in the watch winder will keep on rotating and thus will keep your watch functional at all times. You can also choose whether you want clockwise or anticlockwise rotations. 

There are multiple watch winders available in the market. Some watch winders even have multiple slots in them for storing multiple options. These watch winders are equipped with multiple scheduled rotation options so you can choose different schedules for each watch. 

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Factors to Consider in Watch Winders:

Watch winders help to keep your automatic watches activated and operational all the time. But there are some essential factors that you need to consider while buying a watch winder for your automatic watches. These are mentioned below:

1. Quality of Motor:

Whenever you are purchasing a watch winder, always make sure to check the quality of its motor. The quality of the motor responsible for moving the turntable of your watch winder is a paramount factor to consider. The better the quality of the motor, the longer your watch winder will last. 

2. Electronic Circuitry:

Electronic circuitry is not mandatory but is always preferred. These are a sign of high-quality watch winders. Electronic circuitry ensures the effective and smooth working of the watch winder and does not produce any noise in the process. 

3. Timer of the Watch Winder:

The timer of the watch winder serves as the core of the watch winder. Always make sure that the timer of your watch winder is working effortlessly and is accurate, otherwise, you won’t be able to keep a precise record of the winding of your automatic watch.

4. Aesthetically Pleasing:

Always make sure that your watch winder is aesthetically pleasing and compliments your watch collection. Some watch winders have a wood casing while others have acrylic. You can choose whichever suits your personality and your collection the most. Just make sure that your watch winder is lined with soft fabric and padded walls so that it does not harm your precious watches in any way.

5. Multiple Slots:

If you are a travel junkie, then go for a watch winder coupled with multiple slots so you can keep all your automatic watches charged at all times during your adventures and vacations. Battery-operated watch winders are always a plus if you are planning a long trip. 

That concludes our comprehensive guide for buying a watch winder. Hope you found this article helpful! 

We hope that clarifies things up a bit if you were looking to learn more about watch winders and perhaps even considering getting one. If you have any questions, feel free to reach out, as we encourage everyone to become a member of our community. Have a great day and don’t forget to spoil your watch!

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