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Storing your watches at home: Keeping them free from damage in the most convenient way

In this short blog, we’d like to introduce you to the different ways to store your watches at home. When picking the right solution for you, there is always the consideration one makes between budget, safety, and convenience.

Like a concept that is well-known in cyber-security, there’s always a tradeoff between safety and convenience. When you only need one simple password to log into your bank account, it’s very easy, but it comes at an increased safety risk.

The same goes for storing your watches. That’s why we’ll lay out the different options for you. Going from less secure and most convenient to most secure and less convenient.

1. Valet Trays

A valet tray is basically the most convenient and multi-purpose item you can use to store a watch at home. It’s most often used to store daily essentials like keys, your phone, a bracelet, and a daily wear watch. 

Brown Valet Tray
Valet Tray by Hovini

Since it’s most commonly used to store daily essentials, it’s only used by smaller collectors to store all their watches.

A larger collector might use it to easily put down and pick up the watch they’re wearing, but never to store their entire collection.

2. Watch Rolls

Watch rolls come in many shapes and forms, but the more commonly used watch rolls are squared or oval shaped boxes that can easily store watches in, no matter which straps the watches have.

There are flatter watch rolls (also known as watch pouches) that don’t support metal bracelets because the metal cannot bend to a flat form without getting scratches.

Watch rolls come in different sizes, ranging from 1 slot to typically about 4 to 6 slots.

Watch Roll by Hovini

The watch rolls offer a great compromise between safety and convenience. When you have a high quality watch roll, it will protect your watches quite well both when at home or traveling.

When you have a larger watch roll or you own multiple watch rolls, you can fit a larger collection in there and easily take parts of your collection with you if you like.

3. Watch box

Watch boxes are in most cases quite similar to watch rolls. The most important distinction is that they are not made to travel, solely to display and store watches. This often results in watch boxes being a bit bulkier and squared than watch rolls

Since they usually are a bit more robust than watch rolls, they are oftenly a bit stronger than watch rolls too when the box or roll would take a hit. The obvious downside is that they need a bit more space and you cannot easily take them with you on a trip.

4. Watch cases

Watch cases are essentially watch boxes that you can take with you in a convenient manner. As the name suggests, it is a case that was made to store and display your watches in a secure and elegant manner. 


Brown Hovini Watch Case
WATCH CASE by Hovini

There are huge quality differences within the category of watch cases. The watch cases that were made with great precision will offer bigger collectors or professional watch traders the single best way to travel with a larger number of watches and display them in a very elegant manner.

5. Watch safes

A watch safe is, as the word itself suggests, a safe that was designed to store watches in. The obvious advantage of a watch safe is that it is very safe: not just from ‘hits’ that the safe would take (from eg. natural disasters), but also from burglars.

As with watch boxes, the quality differences between watch safes are night and day. That being said, if you own the right watch safe that was made with craftsmanship, it can be an astonishing thing to look at.

Having said that, there are some big and obvious downsides to owning a watch safe too. They take in a lot of space and can be extremely heavy.

That means that obviously, you cannot take them with you (which enhances the safety feature of course). Besides that, purchasing a real sophisticated and luxurious watch safe will set you back the amount of a small car, all the way up to a small apartment or a house in most places in the world.

We hope you enjoy this small breakdown of the various options to store your watches at home. Remember, depending on your budget, convenience and desired level of safety, you can pick one or multiple options that fit your situation the best. If you have any suggestions for us, don’t hesitate to reach out! Otherwise, feel free to check out our other blogs or our shop, where we provide products that help watch lovers to ‘spoil their watches’.

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