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How to travel with your watch(es)

If you’re a watch lover who owns more than one watch, you will probably find yourself in a situation of having to make a choice between your ‘babies’ when going on a trip. Which one(s) are you going to take with you when traveling: you might want a classy watch, a daily wear one and perhaps a sporty watch too when going on a holiday for over a week.

No matter how many watches you would like to take with you when you’re traveling, making sure you follow some of the best practices to protect your watches is of great importance! What are those best practices? Well, we’re glad you asked! Here are a few things to consider when taking your watch(es) with you on a trip.

1. The watch you’re wearing when traveling should be your most valuable piece

This might sound crazy to some, but we actually suggest wearing your most precious piece (could be monetary or sentimental value) that you want to take with you. The reason for this is that at an airport, in your car or with any form of public transportation, your baggage is always more vulnerable to theft. One disclaimer though: this rule does not apply when you’re traveling at dangerous places where pickpocketing or robberies are a common threat.

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2. Anticipate on special occasions

When you’re traveling, you might have different types of occasions like swimming, fancy dinners or playing sports. That’s why you should anticipate these different events before you pick which watches you’re going to take with you on your trip. After all, you don’t want to end up wearing a classic dress watch when you’re going for a mountain bike tour.

3. Transporting your watch safely

This is arguably the most important part of traveling with your watches. When you’re an inexperienced collector or not a very serious watch fanatic, you might just take your watches with you in a sunglasses box or even worse: without any protection at all, just by itself someone in your baggage.

To watch aficionados, this might sound like something straight out of a horror movie. As someone who cares greatly for your watches, you know that watches need to be treated gently to preserve its the flawless state. That’s why we highly recommend purchasing a watch roll to protect your watches when traveling.

At Hovini, we’re very passionate about traveling and about watches. This combination of passions turned us to produce the Hovini watch roll collection. We didn’t compromise on style, quality or strength. These handmade Saffiano leather watch rolls are the perfect companion for any watch fanatics that are looking to take their ‘babies’ with them when traveling.

We hope these three insights provided you with some value if you were thinking about going on a trip with your watches. If you’re interested in learning more about our collection of handmade luxurious watch rolls, feel free to check out our collection.

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