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How to display your watch(es) – the right way

If you’re a watch lover, you probably love displaying your watches. Mostly just to look at them and enjoy the dazzling view of your collected piece(s), but perhaps you’d like to share this astonishing view with other watch admirers too. No matter if you’re trying to enjoy it yourself or share it with others (maybe even post it online), you want to showcase your watch(es) in the best possible way. 

Luckily, the luxury watch industry has been packed with fanatics that come with plenty of possibilities to present your watches in all sorts of creative manners. However, as watch experts will tell you, the safety of your watch needs to be taken into account when making the choice of how to display your watch.

Sure, you can display your watch on a nice nightstand or a beautiful desk. However, most experienced watch collectors will heavily advise against doing so, for safety reasons. You see, if you own a luxury timepiece, restoring damage will set you back quite a lot of money. And the matter of fact is, displaying your timepiece ‘loosely’ like that on a desk will in time cause damage to your watch in the form of scratches, let alone the increased risk to drop it.

Hence why we advise a few alternatives that you can consider instead to showcase your watches, that will be much more friendly towards your watchs’ condition in the long run. Here are our top 3 solutions to showcase your watches in a safe way:

1. Keeping it in a watch case

Keeping your watches in a strong, durable case will allow you to protect your watches in a very safe way. Besides that, it comes across as extremely professional and elegant if you can showcase your watches in a luxurious case. An important downside or factor to consider: pricing. 

Firstly, you cannot use a watch case properly to showcase your watches if you don’t at least have a nice collection in the first case. Showcasing one or two watches in a case that was designed for 10 watches looks a bit silly (it can serve as motivation to fill up the rest of the case perhaps 🙂 ). That’s why these are generally only used by more advanced collectors.

Besides the price of the necessary investment in watches, the cases will also set you back quite a bit if you’re looking to buy a good one. Be cautious here: as with everything, there are ‘cheap alternatives available. However, the production of a high-end watch case is just very expensive, as only the best materials are used and it is all hand-made. Because of it, we strongly advise investing in a case that can last a long time, instead of going for a cheaper alternative, which can backfire a lot and will let you down in durability and the experience you get from using it.

2. Displaying it in a watch roll

Watch rolls are a great solution for those who are looking for the perfect balance between ease and protection. Sure, a watch case is going to be stronger than a watch roll if you drop it or if a heavy object will fall on top of the case. The watch cases generally fit more watches than a watch roll too, but this can actually be an advantage if you don’t own a large number of pieces yet. However, the watch rolls are easily stored and super convenient to take with you wherever you travel to. You can super conveniently whip it out and open up the watch roll to showcase your beautiful pieces in there.

Generally speaking, good watch rolls come in leather and the absolute best choice in our humble opinion is to invest in a handmade, luxurious Saffiano leather watch roll. Curious why we think it’s the best leather to make watch rolls from? Learn more about why we think it’s the absolute best material here.

3. Watch winders

Do you like watching the mesmerizing, almost hypnotic movements of a watch winder? Yeah us too.. We think that a good (highlight good), a qualitative watch winder is an amazing way to showcase your watches in an extremely elegant way. 

The thing we need to mention here is of course that watch winders are made for automatic watches. The movement of the watch winders will ‘charge’ your automatic watch’s power reserve, keeping it perfectly full at all times. Want to know about how watch winders work Be sure to read our blog that breaks the working of watch winders down perfectly for you here. There are some things you need to know before investing in a watch winder, please read our breakdown of that choice here if you’re interested.

If you are looking to display your watches in a stylish, yet safe way, you can consider any of these options mentioned above! Hope this helped some of you to be more informed or make a little step towards spoiling your watches a bit today!

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